B.A. Nutritional Sciences

Why, hello there! I'm Lauren, aka Lulu. Despite going to Penn State University for Nutritional Sciences, today I'm a pet portrait and wildlife Painter, Muralist, and YouTuber.

Since I was a child I always wanted to be an artist, but also a farmer! Now I guess I've combined those two passions together into one.

Ok, to be completely honest, I came from a family that greatly emphasized science and engineering. To please them I studied Nutritional Sciences until it was time to start applying to graduate schools.

After realizing I really didn’t want a job in Nutrition, I fell into deep depression. For years I lived in fear of failure, carrying heavy shame and guilt, jumping from job to job. I was petrified of pursuing my creative passion because I didn’t feel qualified nor worthy. I turned to an addiction that led me deeper and deeper into depression and anxiety.

After six long years, I finally gave my addiction to Christ in 2015, right before I met my husband Adam. My body and mind began to heal, so much so that I picked up a paint brush again. A year later I took that leap of faith to finally follow my artistic calling.

Today, my relationship with Christ and my deep love for animals is what inspires my colorful, positive, and semi-realistic art. My goal is to help those in the fight against anxiety, depression, and addiction using animal art therapy.


Chewy.com Partner

I’m happy to announce that as of January 2019, I’m now a partner of Chewy.com. My role as a partner is to create quality pet portraits every week for customers of Chewy.com. An absolute dream come true.


Local Murals

Another passion of mine is to paint murals. Thus far I’ve completed a handful of indoor and outdoor murals within McHenry County, Illinois. All created using high quality acrylic paint.

Click Local Murals to view Lauren’s work.

Photography by Mowgli Studios.