The Commission Process


Waiting List: 8

Commissions are currently booked until early November. You are still welcome to fill out the form below to hold your spot on the waiting list. When spots open up you will be contacted immediately.


Step 1

Submit the commission form below. I will contact you within 24-48 hours to retrieve a minimum of 3-images from you. All images must be good quality, crisp, bright, and neck up.

Step 2

Once the quote has been approved and the half or full-payment has been received, you’re spot will be held on the waiting list. Depending on the commission queue, portraits will take 3-5 weeks. I will make accommodations for deadlines.

Step 3

I will send progress photos along the way via email or message. Once you agree the painting is complete, that’s when I ship or make pick-up arrangements with you. Shipping may take 5-8 business days. Holidays will extend that time by an additional 1-3 days.


Quote Form

Take a minute to fill out the form below to get a free quote within 24-48 hours.

Name *
What size canvas would you like? *
How many pets would you like in the portrait? *
Note: 11" x 14" size and up for two pets, 16" x 20" and up for three pets. 8" x 10" only fits one pet.
Example: Artists choice, blue, red, green, etc.
Would you like more information on: *
To calculate shipping costs, what is your address? *
To calculate shipping costs, what is your address?