Terms & Conditions


Obligations of the Teacher

  • Create a positive, supportive, and educational environment for all students.

  • Challenge students in animal art techniques and styles of painting.

  • Help students via email during business days - Monday through Friday.

  • Provide animal art tutorials for all class tiers on or before the 21st of the month unless specified otherwise. In the case of a conference or vacation, tutorials will be prepared in advance.

  • Late tutorials: If for some reason tutorials are not provided on the day of the 21st, Lauren will send an email notifying you about this issue.

  • Will work hard to resolve any technical issues that may arise.

  • Keep students informed on class updates, art challenge winners, student benefits, technical issues, and any other changes to the class.

  • Honor the confidentiality of all students.

  • Facilitate the communication and support between students registered in the class.

  • Provide helpful feedback when given permission from students.

  • Offer a diverse range of tutorials in mixed media pet and wildlife art.

Obligations of the Student

  • Always respect other students.

  • Be supportive and respectful of other students art and personal story.

  • Understand that technical issues can arise online with YouTube and/or the Online Masterclass. These issues will be worked on ASAP.

  • Have fun and enjoy being expressive!

Student Discount: Students can take advantage of their class tiers discount at any time while registered as a Masterclass Student. The discount applies to Lauren’s original paintings, prints, and custom portraits.

Changing Tiers: You are welcome to upgrade or downgrade tiers at any time. The amount you will be charged will be prorated based on when you registered.

Cancellations: If the Online Animal Art Masterclass is not a good fit for you, go to student accounts to cancel subscriptions. Registering as a student is non-refundable.

Password: Contact Lauren if you have trouble getting into the Masterclass Tutorial Library. Just remember, a new password will be announced via email every 21st of the month.