Black and White Thinking


1. Black and White

2. Success and Failure

3. Easy and Hard

4. Young and Old

5. Fat and Thin

6. Smart and Dumb

7. Strong and Weak

Do you find yourself thinking mostly "black and white". That a person is either smart or dumb, fat or thin, strong or weak?

If I take the example, hot or cold. Can you think of the in-between grey areas?

As a nutrition consultant, I often get woman declare themselves as "obese," even though to me they appear a little overweight. And the next woman that walks in is in fact obese and she's happy to lose 10 lbs.

All or nothing thinking is unrealistic, self defeating, and it makes our situation far worse. Saying we've failed an exam is only true if we in fact received an F. Not if we got a C+. 

We shouldn't lie to ourselves or others, nor should we sugar coat the fact that someone needs to lose weight, but we need to step out of ourselves and think logically. And adding some grey is logical sometimes.

1. Lukewarm

2. Average

3. Meloncoly

4. Grey

5. Healthy

6. Moderate

7. Medium