We Can't Control It


We all know what it's like.

A long winter can cause us to feel tired, uncomfortable, irritable, and sometimes depressed.

I'm not saying I love the cold weather (I'm a year round shorts and flip-floppy kind of girl) but I do know this.

  • I cannot control it
  • It's only temporary
  • Beautiful weather WILL come

And IT DID! Today Adam, the puppies, and I went on a long, energizing walk around Crystal Lake.


I felt like Zeus and Rosie were smiling the entire time. As if they knew spring was finally here.

It was breezy, sunny, and vibrantly colorful. I kept seeing lady bugs, budding flowers, and dogs galore. But, like winter, it's only temporary. I have no idea what tomorrow holds. It's completely out of my control.

I could choose to worry about tomorrow. Thinking about how the weather could go right back to cold again. But, I would literally "think" myself back to winter, and not experience the happiness on these sweet faces.

The same goes for the fluctuating seasons of life. If you're going through a "hard winter" as they say, maybe you're a new mom, dad, or desperately ill, these three truths may help.

  1. We will never have control: Not over the weather, not over our health, not over our family, ANYTHING could happen, and at any time. Only God knows what tomorrow holds.
  2. This is only temporary: Winters can "feel" like centuries, but it's only 5-7 months long. When were in it, it feels like forever, but the truth is, it's not.
  3. Sunny day's WILL come: Winter always comes to an end. It's never permanent. Spring follows, bearing with it flowers, fruit, and warm weather. What we're going through now doesn't have to "feel" like forever if we know that spring is right around the corner.