5-Ways to Relish Cold Months


You're probably thinking "Relish" is the wrong word here.

Last night, while picking up dog food from the grocery store before the big snow storm, I think the word "Resent" was on the minds of many in line.

Shoppers were rushing, pushing, every cashier had a long line of customers, people had full carts for the "just in case we can't leave the house" logic. People anticipated the very worst it seemed.


But this morning, as I'm working on a Custom Dog Portrait, I look outside to see a breathtaking line of icicles. They're like smooth ice sculptures that continue growing and growing. And every angel captures light from the snow and sun, it's breathtaking.

And instead of the predicted foot of snow, we barely got 6-inches. The perfect amount for my dogs to jump around without losing them like ground hogs.

All this made me think of how easy it is to actually relish the cold months instead of resent them.

1. Stop and Observe: Snow is WHITE, not black, not brown, or neon green, or yellow (well.....maybe). Thankfully for us, it falls to the ground as pure white. And it can also form beautiful ice sculptures like the one's hanging from my window right now! Image above.

2. Burn Off Some Steam: My animals gave me the best advice this morning and that's to "PLAY IN IT." Playing in the snow or on the ice can be such a huge stress reliever, not to mention fun. There's nothing better than sweating in cool, crisp temperatures instead of melting in the summer months. To name a few activities, Broomball (I just recently discovered it's awesomeness), sledding (another favorite), skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, and sledding. 

3. Bundling Up Can Be Fun: I'm not really a huge shopper for winter clothes, but if you go to the right places like L.L Bean, you can find some snazzy, light weight, easy to slip on, winter clothes.

4. Soothing Hot Beverages: Don't forget about all the warm, soothing winter drinks that can make the cold months much more enjoyable. Right now I'm having hot coffee with cinnamon, last night I drank hot ginger and honey tea. There's of course Hot Coco, Hot Apple Cider, and another favorite, Hot Black Current.

5. Having Warm Shelter: I take it for granted so often, but it's truly a blessing to have a warm place to call home. A place with heating, blankets, cloths, slippers, and warm animals to snuggle up to, is something many people don't get to enjoy.

For today's Creative Giving Challenge, I'm purchasing 1 limited edition chalice which equates to 5 years of clean water for families without access to clean water. If you watched the Super Bowl a few days ago, you probably saw their commercial with Matt Damon supporting the water.org charity. If you want to join me in supporting this cause, 1 chalice is only $13.