Funny Things about LOVE


As a Valentine's Day ♥️ treat, I decided to create my first comic. Needs work, a lot of work, but it illustrates our marriage perfectly.

Me constantly on the go, always a mess of ideas, creativity, and tasks to complete for some animal, person, or plant. 

And then there is Adam, usually very level headed, calm, collected, laid back, fun loving, just standing their happy to be apart of my chaos. Happy to love me even though I'm the craziest artist on the planet!


Even when I'm rushing and being blonde 😆, Adam is always there to help me get unstuck.


Adam is very loud, very funny, and so is his family. But I love it 😍.


And like any marriage, through the highs and lows, this man is always making me laugh. And I'm so in love with him for it.

Happy Valentine's Day 🌹