Relax Like a Boss | Mindfullness


I’ve recently been introduced to the blog founder of Relax Like A Boss, John Parrott.

John has so much valuable insight on the art of mindfulness, practicing regular meditation, and everything you need to know about relaxing and enjoying life.

I especially love Johns article about the 25 Low Stress Jobs for People, an artist being one of them.

I love how practical he is on balancing life when you know you struggle with anxiety or depression.

It all makes sense; choose a career that blesses you emotionally.

Being an artist is not a gold mine, but it does allow me to make a living while adding to my life mentally and spiritually.

I’ve had other jobs that pay more, but at the expense of my creativity, energy, and joy!

I also love Johns article called 14 Reasons Why Anxiety Sucks (And How to Fix Them).

Anxiety is not fun, and it feels like one big trap.

And again John helps his followers make small, yet profound baby steps towards anxiety freedom with his realistic approach.

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Tomorrow I will be posting my newest tutorial “How to Paint an Abstract Whale” so stay tuned for that.