Paint Your Dog | New Traceable Print Outs


At last, my “Paint Your Dog in Acrylics” tutorials are finally complete! Many people have been requesting these tutorials, and here is the first one. The other five will be uploaded to my Online Animal Art Masterclass and ready for viewing on July 21st.

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NEW Traceables


Announcing the NEW traceable print outs.

I’m now offering traceables for my YouTube channel AND Online Animal Art Masterclass, however masterclass students get all of them included in their membership.

The “How to Paint Your Dog” tutorial uses Olive the Dingo Dog as the happy model for showing beginner artists how to paint a dogs eyes, nose, ears, whiskers, and more. The traceable for this one is a very simple, straight forward image of Olive. And once it’s been transfer onto your canvas, I walk you through every step, layer after layer, using acrylic paint.

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