Galaxy Deer | New Tiger Painting


I’m going GALAXY crazy if you couldn’t already tell by my recent paintings. And so it’s no surprise that today’s tutorial has brilliant stars and colors. Make sure you check the description box for materials. I’ve got lots of blues and purples for us to explore on canvas!

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New Tiger Painting

I call it, Small but Courageous. “16 x 20”. Acrylic Medium.


I knew I wanted to have another tiger painting for my solo show at the Dole Mansion, but I wanted to give it a little something, something!

A butterfly came to mind as I compared the two. One fragile, meek, and delicate, compared to a strong, bold, hardy, and dominant feline.

That’s when I thought of the story of David and Galiuth. Two opposites facing one another. For David it “appears” to be hopeless. Everyone assumed he would be trampled on by Galiuth.

In our world, it “seems” like joy and hope and victory is more impossible than possible. We focus on the things that don’t get better and base our future on that “truth”. We put our faith in people or what we can do or what we have.

But for David, even when things appeared hopeless, he knew his giant could be defeated with the help of His Lord. He rested in the immense courage and strength that God can provide us with, even with an ounce of faith.

His focus wasn’t on what he could do, but what God could do through Him. That’s why he had such fierce courage.

And this little butterfly is facing his giant straight on. Courageous but small.

Dole Mansion

On March 1st from 5-8 pm this painting and many of my others from my growing new series “Faith over Fear” will be on display at the Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake.

I would just love to see/meet you. It’s a show I’m so very excited to share with the community!