Crab Painting Tutorial | Cook Street Gallery


Hello everyone! Happy New Year to ya. To kick off this year I wanted to create a beginner level painting tutorial that encourages my viewers to slow down, relax, and meditate on goals for this year. I share three of my goals which I’ve listed below, but I would love to hear yours! Let me know in the comments section below.

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My 2019 Goals

Last year I focused on developing my style. I was learning and exploring what subjects I enjoyed painting, my favorite mediums, and how others responded to my art. This year, with my specialty being pet and wildlife acrylic paintings, now it’s time to perfect it!

I want to take my paintings to the next level! With brighter, more vibrant colors, I want to invest in higher quality paint. I want to tackle larger paintings with more detail and depth. And most importantly, I want the Lord to shine through my gift for all to see His love and His almighty strength.

For my second goal, I would like to be more methodical. Planning out my time on purpose, not just to get things done. To be patient on purpose. To paint on purpose. To serve on purpose. Cutting out or reducing the time that I spend on less important matters.

And last but not least, I want to learn more about Videography. I want to provide high quality videos that best serves my audience. I want to improve the sound, lighting, and look of my videos, as well as my speaking style. I plan to take classes on Skillshare to grow my knowledge of filming, editing, teaching, and marketing my YouTube videos.

So now that I shared my goals, it’s your turn!

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Cook Street Coffee

Starting the new year my paintings have made their way to Barrington, Illinois. Make sure you check out Cook Street Coffee to view my recent pet and wildlife paintings. Pieces will be on display all of January.


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