Paint Your Pet Tutorial | Video


Want to paint your pets on a large canvas? It’s not as hard as it looks. Yes, I did run into a few bumps, but this video shows you the mistakes I made to hopefully help prepare you for painting your own.

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Last Minute Christmas Present

Very, very last minute, as I’m finishing my last commission, I decided to make my husband this pet portrait as his Christmas present.

I knew it would be quite the challenge, but still, I had a feeling something this special of his babies would be well worth it.

30 + hours of later, with lots of filming, editing, and one peskie cat trying to paw at my paint brush, I was able to create this.

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I call it, “Challenging Triumph,” 4 ft x 3 ft.

Zeus is on the far right, Rosie is in the middle, and the “Meow” is on the far left. And yes Meow does have a heart on her feet. It makes her even more adorable I think.

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