"Preventing" Pain


Even though I had a total blast, I played Broomball for the very first time yesterday. I will admit...it took a lot of courage for a clutz like me to run after a ball on straight ice without any pads or practice. And I really didn’t want to let my husband down most of all (he's been craving time with friends for weeks), so I said a prayer 🙏 bundled up, and gave it a go!

No matter what it is, every time I step out of my comfort zone, as intimidating as it appears, I never regret it. And playing Broomball was one of those experiences. I may be swollen, bruised, and a little stiff this morning, but the personal growth I gained far out ways my current discomfort.

After the first game, my team automatically put me in the role of defender because I kept hitting the ball as hard as I could without hesitating. 😂 It helps in the role of defender to just go for it, but not without thinking logically like I was. Instead of taking a second to stop, think, then act, I would through myself at that ball as hard as I could, and with all my Arnold might 💪🏻. Followed by a painful collapse to the ice and lots of black and blue colors spotted all over my legs. 

And that’s when I realized, this is exactly what I do in life. Somehow I think that by rushing through something uncomfortable that somehow I will reduce or even prevent pain. But in reality, I'm making my life far more messy and miserable. 

I think that by skipping two steps I'm "getting ahead" and reducing the amount of time I have to endure displeasure. Like a child who wants to run before learning how to walk. It usually ends in tears.😢

That's exactly how I play life, I don’t stop and think and then act logically, I just GO GO GO and then see what follows. It’s when I slow down, pray for God’s guidance, and then take the leap, that anything productive gets done.

Stop, drop, them roll is how the saying goes, right? 🔥 Imagine if while on fire you were to immediately start rolling in mid air? We would probably get a concussions before burning alive. And as gruesome as that sounds, it’s how we need to act if we’re going to make beneficial decisions that don't cause us more pain, but instead brings us great success.