How to Draw Gerber Daisies


How to Draw Gerber Daisies (For Beginner's)

Gerber Daisies have always reminded me of sunflowers. They look very similar aside from color, which is usually in a rich pink, bright orange, or in this case, coral.

These flowers are very easy to draw, especially for beginners. I'll show you how to draw them in just 7-easy steps.


Start out by drawing 3 circles. A slightly jagged lined oval, with anther oval within that, then a small circle in the center.


Next, on the outside line of the second circle, start making tiny half circles. Work your way around the second circle until you get to the outer line.


Once you've mastered that, added tiny dots to the inner circles. The smallest inner circle will have the most dots and placed closer together.


Next step, PEDALS!! These pedals are long, somewhat round, and with a tiny V at the end of each pedal. Start by making the first round of pedals covering the outside circle.


Add taller pedals sticking out from behind the first layer of pedals.


Add one thin line to the center of each pedal, but make sure you don't reach all the way to the top.


Gerber Daisies have very thick stems that are very fuzzy. To give it a little bit of an abstract look, I drew my stem with 5-thin lines in the center.


Well, there you have it. Be sure to comment below with flower/animal/nature tutorial ideas that you would like me to teach. I'll have that ready for next Tuesday's blog post.

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