As Delicate As Flowers


"In quietness and in trusting confidence, I find strength." Isaiah 30:15

Isn't it amazing how delicate flowers can stay alive in the most unlikely climates? Or how the small birds and bunnies always have food and water, even their fragile offspring?

I've been worrying about money lately. Being an artist is probably the most satisfying job I could ever have, but money comes in seasons. Some seasons are lucrative, others force me to be very frugal. And the size of these murals and commissions get me worrying about having enough paint and supplies.

But, if the tiny little birds and delicate flowers can survive in the wilderness, being given all their needs all the time, than God can certainly meet my needs.

He's the one feeding me these commissions. He's the one who wants to use my gift. He's the one working behind the scenes so I have food, water, and a roof over my head, ALL THE TIME! And all I have to do is trust Him. Like the flowers outside, he knows what I need, when I need it, and how much of it I need. If you feel this way, Let our father take care of you like he does his beautiful plants and animals!