Painting to Let Go


12" x 16" Knock and the Door will Open

I had so much fun painting this piece. And not because it all came together perfectly. In fact, I didn't plan for a door, or mountains, or abstract flowers in her hair. That's all pure inspiration.

That ability to let go and just let creativity take control is both a nerve wracking and invigorating feeling all tied into one. The fear of making mistakes mixed in with pure joy.

This familiar feeling doesn't just take place in my art. It's a constant experience for me with people, with family, even with my own husband.

It's the process of letting go.


Maybe your going through a serious illness, or break-up, or family loss, etc, and you don't know how to get out all this pent up negativity. I use to struggle with an eating disorder before I discovered art was a far healthier alternative to releasing anxiety.

It's not perfect, but the Lord has really used art to help me heal from the past.