Hidden Bare Walls


I never thought moving into a new house would be such a challenge. Thank goodness I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

Bare walls galore that need color, LOTS of color (That's the fun part!) It's the moving, unloading, purchasing, returning, fixing, tossing, keeping up with two murals and several commissions, one very irritable husband, two anxious puppies that aren't acclimating to the move, one mother-in-law struggling with painful Rheumatoid Arthritis (also living with us), babysitting four girls, and all while squeezing in another part-time job in McHenry to make ends meet.

As I vent, I'm so relieved. Not just because I'm reassured that it's OK to feel overwhelmed, but because I'm realizing how beautiful the process of transformation is. 

It starts with bare walls. Empty, ugly, dusty walls. We don't invite anyone over until we feel it looks presentable. But that takes time. We don't have time. We want the change to happen NOW. On our terms. On our watch. EASY, and without pain or discomfort.

We get frustrated because no matter how hard we try, it seems like we find more things to fix, clean, alter, change. "Why me God?" we ask. We think He's the one punishing us OR that were unworthy of His blessing.  

But guess what....beautiful transformation is going on or about to. The very thing you need right now and the thing/s that will bring beautiful, inviting, welcoming walls to your heart, is taking place right now in your struggle. 

It appears to be chaos, but inside the walls are being transformed. Dust is being cleaned off. The lamps are being turned on. And the bright, vibrant, warm colors are slowly appearing. 

The process is grueling. And it feels permanent. But that just means a more beautiful wall is being prepared for you my friend. The only way to change is through the process of change.