What Started It All


The Studio Art School in McHenry Illinois was the main reason I took the path I did as an Independent Artist.

I had just moved to Illinois with Adam, my husband, when I quickly got a job assisting other artists there. Prior to that I hadn't done any art since I was 15-16 years old, nothing more than a little coquetting.

I had always loved being creative but I learned from my parents that art could never amount to anything as a career so why even try. I gave it up altogether thinking I should pursue a career path in science like them. 

Six years later, after a degree in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University, of course I end up right back in art, loving it, making a career out of it, and wishing I had started earlier.

It's so funny that a lot of us end up doing exactly what we loved doing as a child. I hear that more and more.

So here I am today, 2 years after I first started working for The Studio Art School, now as a muralist and portrait artist with an insatiable appetite for color and creativity.