Focusing On Progress


Art is art. You can't rush it. But for someone like me who does NOT have an ounce of patience (just ask Adam) I can get so bloody frustrated with being an artist.

Some people think that it's all fun and flow. Not really, no. It's actually quite a challenging job being an artist because you have to push through the frustration of mistakes or else you don't get paid. I have to either fix the mistake without wasting to much time, or start over altogether.

So what helps me in those moments of presumed failure - is by focusing on my progress. By realizing that the best progress I could ever make is when I mess up, not when I'm painting beautifully and easily.

Making no mistakes at all or giving up when we do, will teach us nothing. It's when we try again and again and AGAIN that we grow into the artist, doctor, mother, brother that can give on a whole new level.