Internal noise


Until I started painting murals, I never realized how much the environment can effect performance and decision making. I've always kept our studio at home tidy, organized, and full of my favorite things - candles, essential oils, my puppies, and music. So it never occurred to me that without these things my progress would be hindered.

Lately I've been working around contractors, plumbers, electricians, and polyesters, each with their own sounding tool or machine. It's not easy when you're trying to keep your hands steady, your mind focused, and your inspiration up.

So I started bringing my home to my work. I'd keep calming essential oils in my pocket, my phone playing the grand symphony, and my cheerful owl staring at me as I paint.

As I learned to tune out these distractions it made me think, "I don't have to listen to my internal noise, just like I don't have to focus on the external noise either." Focusing on the truth and not the lies can help to keep our minds cheerful, alert, and motivated.