Listen to your Gifts


When I paint, I come alive.

And it just comes out of me. I see it, I feel it, I paint it. And as I'm painting, I feel a sense of peace that keeps me going back for more.

Lately I've called it my "itch." If I don't scratch it, it gets worse. And the more I grow in art, the more I want to serve with my art. And it doesn't stop there.

There is something so powerful about using your super power (aka gifts) to help those around you. Not only does it make you feel full while growing your character, but it fills the hearts of those you serve. It gives in multiple ways. 

Listen to what is making you go back to grab your sketch book, journal, hammer, bike, or spatula. You may even have multiple interests, passions, and strengths, or maybe 1 or 2. But listen to them. Feed them. Embrace them in order to serve the people that need them the most.