Explanations Never Bring Comfort


"Explanations NEVER bring comfort."

If my beloved Rosie and Zeus died unexpectedly, an explanation of HOW they died would not bring me any comfort.

I would mourn just the same. My heart would still be broken whether or not I knew how or why they died.

I could ask "WHY" "WHY" "WHY" is this happening to me. "Why God did you allow them to be killed?" "Why would you do this to ME?" "If you truly loved me, they would still be alive."

Explanations never bring comfort. LOVE and COMPASSION brings comfort. We will have very bad things happen to us, along with very wonderful things happen to us. And even if we DID know the "Why", we would probably still be hurting.

I could choose to be bitter at the fact that both dogs passed, or I could continue drawing them and sharing their love with others. I could blame God for taking them away from me, or I could thank Him for giving them to me in the first place.

No matter what happens to my puppies, or my husband, or my hands that create art, it's LOVE that I draw my comfort from. It's Gods love that keeps me going in the really hard seasons of life AND in the really beautiful ones.