Instant Joy in the Unknown


So many unknowns. So many what if's. It's impossible to see into the future and yet we still think we can THINK our way forward. We THINK to prevent, avoid, control whatever it is we DON'T want to happen to us or a loved one.

We think if this (Option A) happens, then I will be happy. And so if I do this and that, or he does this and that, then I will finally be happy.

We strive to get to option A, sometimes our entire lives - all while using alcohol (option B) or food (option C) or coffee (option D) whatever, to help us overcome the anxiety and emptiness were always feeling until we "eventually" get to option A. 

We grow more dissatisfied with life, ourselves, our spouses, because our circumstances are not changing. In fact, we see them getting worse. We grow angrier at the people around us, thinking they did this to us, or God did this to us. And all we can think about is "I would be happy if...."

Joy in the unknown seems impossible, right? I'm different, I got the fuzzy end of the lollipop, If only I married someone else, If only I had a truck, if only I went to college. If only.....

If we never get our option A,  how could we possibly ever find joy or contentment?

Well let me ask you this, do you think option A will bring permanent joy? Will it change your life forever so that you'll never feel dissatisfied again? What if option A isn't what you thought it was, what if it changes, breaks down, runs away, dies, like many things do in this world.

Like art, in that I have to constantly practice to get better, JOY is the same thing, it takes practice. Practice takes self-discipline. Self-discipline takes focus. And often times were so focused on what we cannot change that we don't realize how full we could actually be if we focused on what we have in the NOW.

If are main focus is on getting option A then we will always live in lack. The mindset of accepting the unknowns as a part of life, EVERYONE'S LIFE, and placing our joy in something far richer, like all the blessing we currently have, then true joy will come in a matter of seconds.

Like how your car has lasted you through 10 winters, or a child that is now married, or your husband that is such a hard worker and never complains. These are blessings, gifts given to you out of love. And by practicing the mindset of thankfulness for these things, were programming our brains to be satisfied with what we already have.

Despite whatever we go through in life, no matter how bad, in ALL things we can have JOY. It is possible.