Macaw Parrot Masterclass


Macaw Parrot Masterclass

10.00 every month

Each month, Macaw Parrot’s will receive:

  • 10% OFF ongoing discount on Lauren’s entire shop.

  • NEW Traceable print outs for both Lauren’s YouTube Channel and selected Masterclass Tutorials.

  • Access to a Growing Library of Exclusive Animal Painting Tutorials in real-time and time-lapse form (password protected).

  • Reference Photos

  • Printable Class Notes & Materials for each tutorial.

  • Stress Management vlogs with inspiration, encouragement, and more.

  • Unlimited Q & A in case you need feedback, advice, or support from Lauren.

  • Monthly Newsletter

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Important Notes: You can start, stop, or upgrade tiers at any time. Immediately after checkout you will receive an email with all the Masterclass content, CHECK YOUR SPAM. Make sure you provide the best and correct email address for receiving content each month.

In order to participate in the Monthly Artist Challenge you must be registered as a Maine Coon or Stallion student. All materials are sent to you via email once a month. If you are a Stallion student you will receive monthly shipments of art goodies - prints, mini paintings, note cards, etc.

If you have any questions please email Lauren at