Animal Art on a Budget


The following supplies are recommended for all Masterclass students, but are not mandatory. Each tutorial will come with it’s own list of mandatory supplies for you to purchase at your leisure.

To download a printable copy of this page, just click Recommended Materials List.


Brushes + Example Uses: Have brushes for each paint medium. Meaning, only use acrylic brushes with acrylic paint and watercolor brushes with watercolor.

1- Micro Detail Brush (fur, whiskers)

2- Skinny Detail Brush (eyes, noses, ears)

3- Flat Brush Small (primary)

4- Flat Brush Medium (primary)

5- Round Brush Medium (feathers)

6- Fan Brush (fur, abstract backgrounds)

Paper Supplies: Unless specified in the tutorial, we will be using 8”x10” OR 11”x14” size paper.

Watercolor Paper- Strathmore brand, acid free, cold press

Mixed Media Paper- Strathmore brand, acid free

Colored Pencil- Strathmore brand, acid free

Paint Pallet: Choose from any of the following paint pallets. You just need one!

Plastic Plate

Glass Paint Pallet

Plastic Container

Clean Egg Carton

Mixed Mediums: The following are suggested medium brands, but are not mandatory.

1- Acrylic Paint- Generic Brands like Master’s Touch or Liquidex

2- Watercolor Paint- Quality Brands like Master’s Touch or Winsor and Newton

3- Colored Pencils- Prisma Colored Pencils Packs of 12>

4- Oil Paint- Windsor & Newton Waterbased Oil Paint

5-Graphite Pencil- 4H Soft Pencil

Canvases: Each tutorial will come with a recommended canvas size, however, you are welcome to use a smaller or larger size.

100% Cotton Canvases Sold in Packs

Common Sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 30x30

Other Important Supplies: When using mixed mediums, the following supplies are recommended.

Painters Tape


Spray Bottle

Glass or Plastic Water Cup

Paper Towel or Old Cloth

Pencil Sharpener

Kneaded Rubber Eraser